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Pereira’s Nutrition

Birthday Cake Protein PB Balls

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Birthday Cake Protein PB Balls!

Made with Organic Gluten Free Peanut Butter

The perfect snack with 20 grams of high quality Whey Protein Isolate in each ball.
This is a must have in everyone's daily diet. Tastes great and good for you, with just the right amount of protein and other nutrients, and reasonable calorie count. 
Hand made, rolled and packaged for your enjoyment.
Show off your Balls to everyone before you eat one, but be sure to protect them from grabbers. :) Tasty and crunchy perfection in every bite. 

Delicious - Tasty - Filling - Convenient

*There are 6 Balls included in each container. 

Customer Reviews

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Cory Everett

The product was very tasty and hard to stay away from it lol. Thank you so much loved it. I’m ready to order some more. 🤤