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Pereira’s Nutrition

Tom Platz #5MoreReps Powder (2 LBS)

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Net Weight (2 LBS) 900g

28 Grams of Whey Protein Isolate per 36 gram scoop


Organic Vanilla, Organic Coconut, Grass Fed Liver, Grass Fed Kidney


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
You'll come back

It taste naturally lightly sweet. It mixes super well will water but it's the cleanest protein and highest quality ingredients you'll find. If you find me a better one let me know..

Curtis Oler

Greet taste! Mixes well. Love that is does not have extra fillers/sweeteners. Will definitely be purchasing again!

Chrstopher Lee Clavell
Great quality protein

I was very surprise with out no sweeteners this protein was great tasting. Plus the quality was amazing one of the best quality protein in the market. This is a protein for results.

Justin Caro
Best protein powder in the market

First time costumer here and before we begin I just have to say that I am a die hard Tom Platz fan, which does make me slightly biased but regardless if the product didn’t meet my expectations I would have reviewed it honestly which fortunately for me it turned out to be pretty damn good. The package was delivered in a timely manner, and arrived in perfect shape and as for the protein it self it tasted kind of like a coconut ice cream, just without a overbearing taste of coconut but then again I did not follow all of the instructions and instead opted to do my own thing with it which turned out to be a plus.

Ryan Krohns

Before I start I must admit I’m a huge Tom Platz fan, his philosophy of training his impacted my whole life, so when he, FINALLY, release a protein powder I knew it was going to held to the highest standards and just like he would push the limits on his work outs he would take that same intensity to his supplement formulation! I say all this to point out I may be biased, so take that into consideration!

Pros: 7 seconds prep time! No more blenders, no more spoons, no more mixing, my protein is ready soon! This is no prep! I can consume this immediately after my workout with a GENTLE shaking of the wrist. I’ve used other proteins that require aggressive shaking that doesn’t mix well and ends up clumping… After an exhausting workout I don’t have the worst strength to make sure I can mix my post workout drink. Especially after forearm day.

Grass fed kidney/liver: I don’t think I have to explain this to anyone but grass feed animals provide a higher quality and better tasting protein than grain feed animals.

Taste: even mixed with water this tastes like a high end desert from your local Dairy Queen!

I have no real complaints outside of personal preferences.
I don’t like coconut and even though the taste is minimal and faint it stands out to me, I admit this could be mental.

Also if you add egg to powder as recommended you CAN NOT mix it smoothly in 7 seconds, you will need a blender. Also don’t make my mistake of leaving 2 raw eggs in a shaker cup during a heat wave while sitting during a 3 hour leg session.
Also you cannot substitute a hard boiled for the raw eggs. Trust me. You want to Save yourself the headache.

That’s it guys! Great product, that tastes great! Plus the shipping is included in the price, this is huge in todays economy!