About Us

Cipriano and Sharin

Welcome to Pereira's Nutrition
We are Cipriano and Sharin Pereira, the creators and founders of all of our products.
20 years ago, we created our products for our own personal use. 
Our Protein Puddings were at the top of our daily eating list.
Being satisfying and filling was crucial. 
We needed something convenient to fill our nutritional needs other than protein shakes and bars. A break from the shake you can say. We’ve been into fitness and nutrition since our teens and always strict with our workouts and eating routines. We always make sure that we’d consume high protein and nutritional based food and supplements. Though we never had any intention on selling our meals to the public, that intention changed fast! Throughout time, people would ask us what we ate, and our reply would  always be our Protein Puddings being the most vital in our diets. They would ask for samples and it would all start from there. We'd be making and selling puddings out of our cars in gym parking lots. Orders were building up rapidly. We then knew we had to do it. It became apparent that our products were helping other people besides us with their health and diet habits. So, we then took a big risk with our livelihood and quit our day jobs to go full time producing and selling our meals as Musclelicious Foods. We then set up our new business with a fully health department, state and FDA inspected commercial facility in Easton Pennsylvania. What a dream come true!

That's the real true story behind MF and now Pereira's Nutrition. We continually make all of the delicious products daily at Pereira's Nutrition with our own hands every day. We not only make them; we basically live on them. 20 years and counting. We’ve tested all of our products on ourselves, so you’re in good hands with us nutrition and taste-wise. If it doesn’t taste great, what’s the point besides the nutritional part? We wanted both. So here you have it. From us to you. Not one item goes by us without our approval.
Hope you love and enjoy everything as much as we do.

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Thank you and Enjoy!