About Us

Welcome to Pereira's Nutrition

We are Cipriano and Sharin Pereira, the creators and founders of all our products. Twenty years ago, we developed our products for personal use. Our Protein Puddings were a crucial part of our daily diet, offering satiety and convenience as an alternative to protein shakes and bars. As fitness and nutrition enthusiasts since our teenage years, we always made sure that we consumed high protein, nutrient-rich foods and supplements. Although we never intended to sell our meals, interest piqued among people who noticed our healthy habits, leading to requests for samples.
That's how our retail story began, selling puddings out of our vehicle at gym parking lots, and our orders began to grow exponentially.

It became apparent that our products were also helping others with their health and diet.
Our passion led us to quit our day jobs and set up Musclelicious Foods in Easton, Pennsylvania, fulfilling our dream. 
That's the real story behind the new Pereira's Nutrition.
Every day, we use our hands to create delicious products. We, too, consume them daily, having tested them on ourselves for over two decades, making us reliable nutrition and taste professionals. We aim for both, so if it doesn't taste great, what's the point? We wanted a balance, and we offer you precisely that. Each item goes through our approval process ensuring high-quality products. We hope you enjoy and love every meal as we do.

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Thank you and Enjoy!